Get active online for A Future For Families

On 13 March 2013, trades unionists and supporters will be rallying in Westminster ahead of George Osborneā€™s 2013 budget. But even if you can’t be there in person, there’s still lots you can do to support the campaign for the budget to be a break with self-damaging austerity. Here are five ideas that could really help:


Watch the rally online

Here’s an archive video of the speakers from the Rally. We’re hoping to get better quality video of the event edited and online next week.


Join the campaign

It’s going to take much more than one day to win a Future That Works. If you want to help resist austerity, reverse our decline and build an economy that works for ordinary families, then join our ongoing campaign.

Join up online here – Add your details and we’ll keep you in touch with information and actions to help over the coming months.

3Make the news

We can’t expect most of the national press to give alternatives to austerity a hearing, but there’s a lot we can do with regional and local news, where we can show the real everyday impact that George Osborne’s decisions are having for ordinary people around the UK. Have you got something to say about how austerity is hitting your own situation, or how jobs or local services have been affected in your area? Use our online tool to write a letter to your local paper, pointing out how another austerity budget would affect your own town.

Write to your local paper now - We’ll help you find your nearest paper and write an email letter to the editor.

4Be the news

And of course, thanks to social media we can do a lot to make our own news. Let’s fill the web with blog posts, comments, tweets and forum threads about the budget, and the issues and stories that lie behind the headlines. We’d love to see your links, so please send us a note if you’d like us to check it out, or tweet it using the hashtag #budgetrally

5Share this page

Can you help increase the impact of the rally by getting friends and family to take action as well? Imagine how much more it could do if you helped five, ten or fifty others to get involved. Use these buttons to add a link on your favourite social networks:

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