The rally

The rally in Hyde Park will start as marchers arrive, and will run until around 4pm. We’ll have a big stage with giant screens, and will be featuring speakers with some videos, and some surprises.

There will also be plenty of toilets & refreshment facilities at the rally, and an ‘access hub’ for disabled marchers.

Map of the Rally

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Vehicle access

There is extremely limited vehicle access to Hyde Park and we will need most of that for rigging vehicles and media trucks. We are working to provide appropriate access for vehicles for disabled marchers. There will be no wider public vehicle access.

Music at the rally

We do not have a license for an entertainment event which severely limits the scope of what we can do on the stage. We are working with Equity and the Musicians’ Union to provide some entertainment breaks on the stage.

If you are looking to play on the day however, we hope that lots of marching bands and musicians will be able to play as part of the march and would encourage you to do that (more details here).


We only have limited spaces for speakers in Hyde Park. We are approaching a mix of trades unionists and public figures to speak about how austerity isn’t working, the need to invest in jobs and growth and to defend quality public services.

Getting home

The rally will finish at 4pm, and transport links back to coaches or back home will be busy around Hyde Park. We’ve put together some guidance on your transport options. Plus don’t forget there’s an after-party event for those who want to stay on for an evening of politically engaged music.

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